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Jim Wittenmyer - Capitalist Wizard,
I have written computer
software for the sake of making investment decisions.  This computer program selects stock equities to purchase based on statistical price variance.  This reliable source is how I provide Free Investment Advice.
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My percentage of gains from the past years investments  7.52 %  Last updated from 05/22/15

I buy no more than around $500 worth of a stock at one time. In this way I invest my money in a highly diversified portfolio.

Click on the Portfolio A-B tab to look at my investments. This tab also shows how I arrived at my percentage.


I also sell stocks. Normally the setting of stop-loss orders does this. If a stock is doing well then a stop-loss order is set in my online broker. This guarantees a sell at a profit. The more a stock increases in value means a rising of the stop-loss order for greater profit. There is also the setting of stop-loss orders for stocks losing value. While selling at a loss at least I do not lose everything.

Click on the Buy/Sell suggestion tab for free investment advice.


My education is in computer science. I have had financial and accounting classes as electives but my profession has been that of a software engineer.  As an investment broker, I am an amateur. I rely totally on my computer software for investment decisions.  I have been applying an investment strategy consistently for the past ten years. I take pride in my long-term success rate.


Click the Strategy tab to look at a summary of the investment strategy my computer software follows...To see Jim in our YT PROMO video


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