Big data and formulas are the secret.

First, understand this: The stock market is a system of constantly fluctuating number patterns that can be mapped and
tracked with the right computer software. The CW algorithm identifies key patterns and provides an overall temperature of the market, as well as a few insights into which stocks are trending up or down. By buying into the market gradually
across hundreds of stocks and making gains in the average percent change overall you can build a more stable, reliable
portfolio. It’s not illegal, it’s not cheating the market, it’s just math and strategy.

How it works

1 Historical Stock Data

First, the software stores historical data for over 3,000
different stocks in a database with an average of fifteen
price points each for comparison tracking. The algorithm
analyzes the performance of each stock and tracks its
statistical variance over time.

2 Buying Strategies

Buying strategies are then based on the computer’s
assessments. When the market is doing well, it’s
time to buy high performers. When the market is
doing poorly, it’s time to look for bargain equity prices
or not to buy at all.

3 Informed Buying Choices

Investing around $500 at one time, usually three times
per week is recommended. After examining the
software readouts, it can be determined whether to
invest in the NASDAQ or the New York Stock Exchange
and make more informed buying choices, which get
added to the active Portfolio.

4 Stop-Loss Orders

When selling stocks for profit, it’s smart to place stop-loss
orders to sell when the price reaches a certain number,
determined by a numerical frequency in the downturn (not
on emotional response). The better the market is doing,
the higher the stop-loss order requirements will be. In this
way, investors can bail out of the market at a profit even
when the trend shifts into decline.

As the system tracks the 3,000+ stock prices, it’s building an active portfolio of purchases. That portfolio is something Capitalist Wizard
shares with Academy members so that you can mirror these buying and selling strategies for your own long-term financial benefit.