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What stocks should I buy? How much stock should I buy? When is a good time to buy/sell stocks? Capitalist Wizard answers those questions for you with our free investment advice.

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    All advice I give, I take myself. I invest my own money.
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    Free membership will get you weekly investment advice. Every Sunday I post the stock buy suggestions I buy myself with my own money. Please check my Facebook page for the latest post.

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    To see my stock gains and the percent average return for each investment for the last year, click here. Also, I invest in a variety of industries such as; Banking, Insurance, Technology, Utilities, Consumer Goods, Medical, etc.

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    This investment process is designed for individuals with modest savings. For more information, click here or contact me if you have any questions


I have developed software to automate the research process of stock investment. This website, based on thorough research, offers free investment advice. At the end of three separate business days each week I run a computer program that analyzes a random selection of three thousand stocks. This program determines what stocks are worth buying. Each week I go to the library and research stocks that have the potential to become investments. After the research is done, I enter results into my computer database.

Here is the investment advice that is freely given; each Friday I run a computer program that determines what stock investments I should place stop loss orders. These orders will be filled and the stocks will be sold if the stock price drops to the order price. Most stocks I sell, make a profit. These stop loss orders are placed every Friday evening.

Every Sunday morning, I run a computer program that creates three buy order suggestions. I share this information at no cost. Each order will be for around five hundred dollars. The total buy order purchase will be for around $1500. There will be no more than three buy order suggestions. Sometime the order suggestion will be for only one or two stocks. It is also possible that my computer program will advise that no stock purchases should be made.

I have been running this process since 2003. Over the years I have made adjustments to my software and fine-tuned my investment process. I started out running this process just for me. Only recently have I posted my results and buy/sell suggestions to this website. Every Friday I run a computer program that evaluates my investments. I then post the results to my website in the portfolio section. I show individual percentages for each investment as well as on overall percentage for the whole portfolio. I have been pleased with my investment returns. If you place your buy orders as the same time as me, then your investment percentage should match mine. I share this information freely. When I say free investment advice, I mean it! Just make sure to submit your buy order on Sunday night or before the market opens at 9:30am on Monday. You can follow your investment on my website without even having to log in. Just visit the portfolio section of the website to monitor the validity of the free investment advise as this section is open to nonmembers.