Meet Jim Wittenmyer

I worked as a programmer in the computer software industry for many years before my fascination with the stock market evolved into Capitalist Wizard. It became clear that the stock market was strictly a numbers game and if you could program the right algorithm, the mechanics of profit would become clear and manageable. So that’s what I did.


The Algorithm

I created a piece of computer software—an algorithm—that runs analysis on the market and makes purchase recommendations based on statistical price variances. I’ve experimented with this analysis tool in my trading strategy for years with a consistent positive gain year over year. No fancy trickery, no phony
derivatives. Just math and steady profits.

My Portfolio

This analysis tool has been reliable for me in building my
wealth so I’m making my portfolio and trading decisions
available at no charge to new investors who are eager to
learn and ready to get going. In a free market, the more
investors who understand how to manage the market and
succeed, the better for us all.